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Who are we?

Volonte : A story of ambition ,will and desire .
Volonte is my soul , my voice , my body , my expression in other words my life in a nutshell .
There are times when one closes his eyes and sees his life passing through as a movie. I call such a vision : Volonte .

I always believed that apparels are a woman’s way of expressing herself . They carry a positive energy . My apparels are a reflection of my stance in life, my messaging to the enivronment and the colours of my soul .

I have created my designs and collections by setting free my limitless ambitions . I associated my soul with hands crafting for a better design translation . Each of my collections carry a different story line and bear my experiences in life as it is what I wish to convey .

A Volonte apparel will complement women’s life experiences by coupling such with their challenging personalities and pave the way to reach a different dimension of thoughts and look .

A Volonte experience is the one for a novel stance …

About US

“After graduating from Lycée Saint Michel, I graduated from Istanbul University, Faculty of Letters, Department of French Language Education. I have worked in the insurance industry for many years. Meanwhile, I did my master’s degree on “Marketing Communication Management” at Yeditepe University. 21 years of experience in the insurance industry; I gave trainings and conferences to corporate companies on “Sales Coaching” and “Image Management and Brand Management in Professional Life”. Meanwhile; I participated in various coaching programs on “Communication” and “Personal Development”. While I was giving coaching trainings to large groups, I received online training on “Fashion Design” at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, USA.

In the conferences I gave; the subject I am focusing on; “How a person expresses himself visually, is perceived as such.” no matter what our equipment is, ‘visuality’ is at the forefront… Since I’ve been working in corporate for so long, I thought it was time to reward myself. And I followed my passions. With the freedom of my entrepreneurial spirit; I decided to design my own jewelry, which is indispensable for my style. Now with the pleasure of making this dream come true; I am happy to share my accessories, each of which is specially designed with handicraft, with you who look at life with beauty like me.